Optional trips

Optional trips

Corfiot Zorba (meals included)

An extraordinary evening in Greek style. Food and traditional Greek beverage are served in the renowned and oldest tavern on the island, the Tripa tavern opened in 1936. On your way to the tavern you will pass through a traditional village. At the entrance to the tavern, you will serve Ouzo and you will be able to admire the photos of the celebrities who have crossed the threshold of the tavern. You will be served at the traditional Greek dishes: feta cheese, dry salami, traditional sausages, Greek salad, tzatziki, pastitsada, potatoes, lamb, seafood. While dining, you will listen to Greek live music at Bouzouki and you will learn traditional dances. As a drink you will serve white wine, red wine and water at your discretion. The program starts around 20.30 and ends around 23.45. The coach awaits you in the parking lot to accompany you to the hotel

FRIDAY CRUISE Blue Cave & Paxi – Antipaxi (lunch not included)

You will leave Corfu Island with the Ionian Sun boat that has a capacity of 300 people to Paxi Island. The first stop will be after about 3h at the Blue Caves (Marine Caves). The impeccable water of the cave and the tremendous heights of the cave are unforgettable experiences for all of us. You will then go to Antipaxi where you will jump on the boat or you will descend the ladder in Wonderful blue water at a distance of about 100 m from the shore. The last stop of the day is 2h in LAKA’s fishing village of Paxos. Laka is a lively village, an excellent place to enjoy traditional Greek food or to buy souvenirs made on the island. Returning to the port of Corfu Island will be around 19.00 where you are waiting for coaches to take you to the hotel.


In this tour we have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful, both natural and historical attractions of Corfu. It is the most important trip for those who want to get acquainted with the splendor of this beautiful island. Next to you will be a Romanian guide, which will accompany you all the way. You will go to Gastouri at Empire Sisi Palace “Achilleon”. In order to visit the island, you will pay your attendant a 5 euro registration fee, which is the Greek guide for the whole day (you can not visit the palace without a Greek national guide) and 5 euros you will pay the entrance to the palace (this fee is paid before entering the palace ). It passes through Perama where you will admire the Vlaherna Church and the Pontikonisi Island (the Island of the Sun). On Pontikonisi there is the Church of Change to the Face of Jesus. We head to Corfu Town admiring the Kerkira Esplanade and we will go on the famous Liston to St. Spiridon’s Cathedral (the spiritual father of the island) and to the Metropolis where are the relics of St. Theodora. We will stay in Corfu Town for about 1h. We then go to a distillery, Where we will taste local Kuam-Kouat fruit products. We will then head for Lakones and stop at Bellavista where we will admire the most fascinating panorama of the whole area. You will be able to have lunch at the Bellavista’s Golden Fox tavern or at any of the taverns in the area. We continue on to Paleokastrita, where we will visit the old Monastery of Our Lady (Panaghia).


Go for a day in the world of fascination and the enigmatic world of Albania by joining our cruise where you will have the chance to visit Albania from the port of Agii Saranda, an island port with a rich past and a rich history. You can go with Pasaport or C.I. And you will pay a 10 euros customs tax to Albania. The trip to Butrint (optional boat trip with € 23 accompanied by a guide in Romanian or English includes the buffet lunch included), a small universe with 3000 years of Mediterranean history, The universe located in an environment of exceptional beauty. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has been recognized as the city of Epirus IVth century d.C. Visitors will find ancient theater, baths, basilica, castle and many other monuments. On the way to Butrint you will admire the small Albanian cities, the beautiful beaches of Tsounka and the Bistrica River, Lake Butrint and the beautiful islands of Vivari Kanali with the city of Ali Pasha. Upon return, you will serve lunch in Agii Saranda, lunch included in the price of the Butrint trip.


You will leave Corfu Island with the Ionian steam boat that has a capacity of 300 people to the mainland in the fishing village of Sivota where you will descend for 2h. The second stop will be in the Gulf of Piscine where it is said that the Blue Lagoon was shot. We will stay at a relatively small distance from the beach (about 50m) for 2h. While you will enjoy the beach, the crew will prepare your lunch including meat on stick, tzatziki and salad. Drinks are available for a fee and can be bought from the boat bar. Returning to the port of Corfu Island will be around 19.00 where you are waiting for coaches to take you to the hotel. This cruise is recommended for lovers of the sea and the beach.

Day depending on area SCUBA DIVING – 55 euro with transfer

The underwater world is in its multicolored and amazing waters, so mysterious – making it even more attractive to diving lovers. Diving is a great opportunity to experience the mysteries and riches of this world, being an amalgam of new sensations, aesthetic pleasures, Romance, self-knowledge and of course a real adventure. You will be taken from the hotel by car or microbus and you will go to Ipsos resort where you will climb the boat and you will go to the north-east of the island to Nissaki. There you will be at the beach until around 3pm, during which you will do 35 minutes of training and diving. The cost includes compulsory insurance for diving, equipment, transfer from the hotel and back.

Day depending on area AQUALAND

Aqualand Corfu offers plenty of slides, swimming pools and many other surprises. The ocean wave’s pool, Black Hole, Kamikaze, Giant Mountains, Lazy River, Crazy River, Jacuzzi and many others on an area of 125,000 square meters await you to spend an unforgettable day here. In the ticket price comes the transfer from the resort. You will be picked up at Aqualand at 17.00.

* Children aged 3-12 years have a 50% discount on each trip outside Aqualand.
* Excursions are organized by the local agency Vidos Travel, a partner of Romanian agencies
* You will be accompanied by a Romanian guide, employee of the company throughout the trip.
* Departures to any destination are made by the local bus coach, in the price of the trip and the transport.
* Excursions can be canceled 24 hours before only on medical case, the agency receiving confirmation from the doctor
* In case of unfavorable weather the trip will be another day and you will be notified by your guide.
* For each trip you will receive a receipt with the time and place of departure, the receipt you must present on the day of departure of the guide accompanying you.